Painted Rocks by Cindy Thomas

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unique nativity sets and nativity scene figures hand-painted on Colorado river rocks and stones

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The Gallery features nativity sets which have found new homes.

Click Here to see painted rock nativities available for purchase.*

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 3-Piece Nativity Sets Painted on Rocks

3-Piece Colorado Stone Painted Rock Nativity Set 

3-Piece Royal-Teal Nativity Set Painted on Rocks 

Natural Bluebell Painted Rocks Nativity Set by Cindy Thomas 

Small Dotted Decorative Stone Nativity Set 

 Small Rose Garden Nativity Set

 Blue-Brown Painted Stone Nativity Figures

Decorative Rocks Basil-Peach Nativity Scene Figures  Tiny Light Blue - Brown Painted Rock Nativity Set

Small Yellow and Blue Nativity Scene Figures 

Small Coral-Brown Painted Rock Nativity Small Red-Green Nativity Set

Medium Blue-Brown Painted Rock Nativity Set 

Small Light Blue Brown Painted Rock Nativity Nativity figures painted on rocks

Nativity Figures featuring dark skin 

3-Piece Purple-Green Painted Rock Nativity Set Teal-Sweetheart Painted Rock Nativity Set Medium Fuschia-Ocean Nativity Set
Stylized Blue-Brown Decorative Stony Nativity Set Small Yellow-Olive Painted Rock Nativity Set Small Green-Red Nativity Set Painted on Rocks
Tiny Blue-Natural Painted Rocks Nativity Set Blue-Rust Red Nativity Set Painted on Decorative Stones Tiny Light Blue-Natural Nativity Set Painted on Colorado Stones
Large Nativity Set - Teal-Rust Large Geometric-Shaped Rock Nativity Faux Metallic Nativity Scene Figures
Medium-sized Painted Rock Holy Family Medium-sized rocks painted as Nativity scene figures Small Nativity Scene Rock Figures
Small Rocks Nativity Set Painted Large Rocks Nativity Painted Rock Nativity Set

 Multi-Piece Nativity Sets Painted on Rocks

 7-Piece Hummingbird Painted Rock Nativity Set Small Pastel Decorative Stone Nativity Set    Small Peach-Leave Nativity Set Painted on Rocks
7-Piece Decorative Stone Nativity Set 9-Piece Painted Rock Nativity Set Small Teal-Royal 6-Piece Decorative Stone Nativity Set
Tiny Painted Rock Nativity Set on Slate 6-Piece Rusty-Teal Painted Rock Nativity Set 7-Piece Stylized Painted Rocks Nativity Figures
4-Piece Nativity Set Painted on Garden Pavestones Large Painted Rock Nativity Set

Reversible Nativity Stones

The Heart of Christmas Green and Lavender Reversible Nativity Rock

Heart of Christmas Mother and Child Reversible Painted Rock

The Heart of Christmas Orange and Blue Reversible Nativity Painted Rock

Heart of Christmas Reversible Nativity Scene Rock

Gold and Red Reversible Painted Nativity Stone

Reversible Nativity Silhouette Painted Rock

Reversible Teal-Copper Nativity Painted Rock

Reversible Dotted Painted Rock Nativity

Reversible Nativity Heart Stone

Pocket Nativity Reversible Painted Stone

Click Here to see painted rock nativities available for purchase. 

*At this time, I ship the hand-painted rock nativity sets only within the United States (including Alaska & Hawaii) using U.S. Priority Mail™ (except where noted in the product description). You'll receive Free Shipping along with delivery confirmation.

Because these are one-of-a-kind items, I am unable to guarantee that the nativity set you wish to purchase will still be available when you click the "buy now" button.