Painted Rocks by Cindy Thomas

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unique nativity sets and nativity scene figures hand-painted on Colorado river rocks and stones

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7-Piece Stylized Colorado Rocks Nativity Set

unique nativity scene figures painted on rocks bring a smile to your face and delight your heart 

Dimensions of the 7-Piece Stone Nativity Set:

Joseph: 1-1/4" wide; 1-3/4" tall; 1-3/4" deep

Mary: 1" wide; 1-1/2" tall; 1-3/4" deep

Baby Jesus: 1-1/2" long; 1" wide

Shepherd: 2" wide; 1-3/4" tall; 1-1/4" deep

Wise Man 1: 1-1/4" wide; 1-3/4" tall; 1-3/4" deep

Wise Man 2: 1-1/4" wide; 1-1/2" tall; 2" deep

Wise Man 3: 1-3/4" wide; 1-1/2" tall; 2" deep

Weight: 1 pound 2 oz.

(all measurements & weights are approximate)

I strive to make the colors shown as accurate as possible. Screen images should be used as a guide only. Refer to the item description below for the acrylic colors used  . 

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Unique and one-of-a-kind
Only 1 available

If you look closely at this nativity set, you'll notice how Mary is leaning on Joseph and their eyes are closed in joyful contentment. The Shepherd Boy is holding a lamb and his eyes are wide open in wonder. The Wise Men have been painted with bright, royal colors and their eyes are also open.


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Mary's outer robe is painted with "Royal Blue" acrylic paint; her undergarment is "Sky Blue." Her headscarf is "Buttermilk."

Joseph's robe is painted with "Burnt Sienna" acrylic paint. His headscarf is "Latte."

Baby Jesus' garment is painted with "Buttermilk" and he has a halo painted with metallic gold. The manger is painted "Burnt Umber" with shades of yellow for straw. 


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Wise Man 1 features dark skin. His outer robe is painted "Fern Green" and his undergarment is "Buttermilk" accented with Rose metallic paint. His headdress is painted with Gold and Rose metallic paint and he's holding a gold metallic container.

Wise Man 2 has an outer garment painted "Tuscan Red" and his undergarment is "Buttermilk" accented with Amethyst metallic paint. His headdress is painted with Silver and Amethyst metallic paint. He's holding a silver metallic container.

Wise Man 3 has an outer garment painted Purple and his undergarment is "Buttermilk" accented with Topaz metallic paint. His headdress is painted with Copper and Topaz metallic copper paint. He's holding a metallic copper container.

The Shepherd's robe is painted with "Raw Sienna" acrylic paint. His headdress is "Safari Taupe" with a "Burnt Umber" headband. He's holding a white and black lamb. 

All seven pieces are sealed with a protective finish for lasting durability.

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